into the heart of a child... (aloneinthelight) wrote in u2,
into the heart of a child...

hey, i have a request, im modifying some playlists on my itunes. I have playlists for all their singles like one is The Singles 1979-1983, etc. I need a copy of Mofo, either from Pop or the Phunk Force remix, and the Video Version of Walk On, from the single with Streets and Stay. I have these songs, with the exception of the Phunk force remix, but for the playlist i like to list the album as the same name as the playlist and for instance if i change Mofo to the playlist album it erases it from being labeled as from Pop. Hopefully you get what im saying but if someone or somebody can provide me with mp3s of those songs, that would be grand.

Mofo, either from Pop or the Phunk Force Mix
Walk On (video Version)
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own


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