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*doesn't want to act too crazy, but does anyways* *SQUEAL* YESSS!! :)

My friend who's going to school in England brought me a U2 Uncut magazine she got when her level went on a trip to Ireland!!!! XD XD ^_^ You guys should have seen how giddy I unwrapped

I mean, she'd been asking me if there was anything special that I wanted her to look around for while she was in the UK and so I just joked that, if she happened to see anyone from U2 (especially Edge), to get a pic for me, but I never thought that she'd actually get me something special and u2-related. :) I thought it was really sweet. from ireland! Wow. Sorry for of the first things I thought of was to tell you all on the community, and I then said that and everyone else started laughing and was like "you lj nerd!!" *sigh* Well, what can I say :) Hope that everyone has a merry christmas and happy holidays, and may all your u2 and non-u2 related dreams come true.
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