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best of 2004?

in your opinions who had the best album of 2004? u2's album comes close but in retrospect i have to say
1. the aracde fire - funeral
2. green day - american idiot
3. u2 - how to dismatnle an atomic bomb
4. the secret machines - now here is nowhere
5. morrisey - you are the quarry

there was a lot of bomb that i loved but this is not what i expected from u2 after all they said about the album, the album is great but i thought this album would break new ground for the band and maybe music in general, this is prob u2's fourth or fifth best album. i'm sure live this album maybe take on new light(i think the one step closer or love and peace or else would be magifenct live). i dont even think u2 is the group of the year, i would give that award to green day after several album that typical have the same sound and formul, htey broke all their own rules and made their masterpiece.

but this is just my opinion, what do you guys think of album or other great album from this year?
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