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I just joined this community and I have to say that as a struggling singer songwriter and a huge fan of indie and alternative rock, U2 standsout among the best.
I am 28 years old and U2 were one of the first bands that I was heavily into. I remember buying the Joshua Tree on vinyl when I was probaly 10. I had some crappy music taste then (Richard Marx, Huey Lewis and the News), yet U2 were just a step above the rest. As years passed, I started becoming a music fanatic listening to everything from Def Leppard and Genesis to Sonic Youth and Nirvana.
To me, U2 is the equivalent of the Beatles. The sound of the Edge's guitar, the deep rhythm of Larry Mullen Jr., the throbbing bass lines of Adam Clayton, and of course the words and one of the greatest voices of all time, Bono can not be matched. I still hear a vast array of talented groups and I own about 700 cds, all alphatized, yet U2 have their own rack full of singles, DVD's, videos, and unbelievable albums.
Anyone who knows me, knows that who my favorite band of all time is. Hell, even my father is an admirer. We listened to How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb and he mentioned to me how he was thinking of that line in Miracle Drug, "Freedom has a scent like the top of a newborn baby's head."
I have seen them twice in my life. Once I drove from Rochester, NY with a girlfriend of mine to Boston, Massachusetts to see them play at Foxboro Stadium during the Pop tour. Complete magic. The highlight of many highlights was when U2 played "Rain" by the Beatle's because it actually started to rain. I last saw them in Buffalo, NY during the Elevation tour. I had a close encounter with my hero, Bono. I am not one to get nervous meeting someone but my heart almost stopped when I saw Bono outside of the arena talking to some fans. He was at least two feet away and I wanted to yell to him to stop but I could not speak. Maybe, that was a blessing in disguise because I would be embarrassed beyond belief if he came over to say hello or whatever.
Anyways, U2 rules and their new album is the best album of 2004. Cheers.
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