Real Like A Plastic Bouquet (glortw) wrote in u2,
Real Like A Plastic Bouquet

Hey everyone. Happy Christmas & such..
OK. Thanks to everyone who replied to my post asking about Dublin..I'm leaving on Sunday! I'm so excited! And scared. I feel like, wow. There's a real possibility I could run into my god. And the fact that I might piss him off by saying anything to him is terrible. Because I just know I'll feel like I HAVE to tell him how much I adore him. So this is still bothering me quite a bit :(

ANYWAY the real reason I was posting is to ask if anyone happens to have that clip from a while ago of Colin Farrell doing Bono? I went back a few pages on this community, but the link someone posted had expired :(. I wanted to watch it when I first saw it available online, but my computer was wayy too ghetto to do so then. Now I have got a new one, so I'd like to watch it.
If anyone has it, I'd appreciate it much!
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