Annie (canadanne) wrote in u2,

Friend quiz, Goldeneye and streaming interview

Thought this might be fun for some of you... copy & paste these questions into your own journal to see how well your friends know your U2 preferences!

1. What's my favourite U2 album?
2. What's my least favourite U2 album?
3. What are my favourite U2 songs?
4. What are my least favourite U2 songs?
5. Who is my favourite member of U2, and do I find them attractive?
6. Who is my least favourite member of U2?
7. What's my favourite U2 era?
8. What's my least favourite U2 era?
9. How long have I been a U2 fan?
10. How many times have I seen U2 live; when and where?
11. Do I collect U2 bootlegs?
12. What U2 fan forums do I frequent?
13. Do I mostly listen to U2 or am I equally into other artists?
14. Have I met anyone in U2?
15. What am I like on U2 trivia?

Also... go to for an awesome and almost MacPhisto-esque U2 version of Goldeneye (the Bond theme they wrote for Tina Turner). Never heard this before!

OH, one more thing!  Not sure if people know there's a VERY lengthy U2 audio interview which you can access from the welcome screen of I still haven't gotten round to listening all the way through!  Curiously, although it's labelled as an interview for CD:UK, I recognise part of it from a clip that Top Of The Pops showed a couple of weeks ago. I wonder who actually conducted these interviews and whether we'll ever get to see more video footage from them.

Merry Christmas all!
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