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February 2nd, 2002

ok... i'm confused... @ 09:38 pm

I'm currently feelin: annoyed and a little pissed
I'm currently hearin: MTV2-- U2 show

Has anyone else out there seen the mtv2 u2 concert they broadcasted today? They said that this concert was from the 3rd leg of the tour... but as far as i see, it looks like the Boston show from june which was (as far as I remember) BEFORE the 3rd leg shows. I was all hyped up that they were going to show a never before seen concert-- with the hope it may be 'my' show (11-13-2001!!) but it wasn't!
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Date:February 3rd, 2002 05:54 am (UTC)

Kind of Like "Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve"

They said there would be a performance from U2. Instead of live, it was one of the songs from the Boston show (forget which one). I felt really cheated. If I didn't have the DVD I guess I wouldn't have been as pissed.

Then again, it was interesting to see how much better quality the DVD was than the part that was on Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve. :-)
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Date:February 3rd, 2002 12:30 pm (UTC)

Re: Kind of Like "Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve"

I know... I was pissed about that too-- I thought it was funny because I remember the boys saying they wanted to be home for the holidays but I thought "wow cool a u2 performance!"- HA! We were cheated!

And I was mad about the MTV2 thing because right before they introduced the show, the announcer said that this was from the THIRD leg of the tour-- that the band had been here before and that they came back after 9/11 and all that stuff... so I was expecting something I had never seen before... bah! I don't have the DVD or VHS so that's why I'm even more annoyed because I couldn't tape the show- yeah it was edited and stuff, but at least I could've gotten something down on tape! Oh well whatever, I'll see them today on the halftime thing... are you going to see it too- even though it's soooo damn corporate and stuff, oh well!

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