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Live Aid 2 Planned for Tsunami Victims

Live Aid 2 Planned for Tsunami Victims
Bosses of a major British stadium are calling on bands like U2, Coldplay and The Darkness to help raise millions for the victims of the Asian tsunami - by performing at a Live Aid-style extravaganza. Chiefs at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, are frantically trying to gain the support of their country's politicians in their quest to stage a fundraising concert for the men, women and children left homeless, starving and at risk from disease in the aftermath of the December 26 disaster. Organizers are hoping an "event of international proportions" will take place on January 22 - before the stadium is used for sporting events - but bosses appreciate they are working against an almost impossible deadline. Stadium manager Paul Sergeant says, "It's going to be tight. The pitch comes back into the stadium on the 24th (of January). We won't be able to stage anything after that until the summer." Sergeant insists talks are currently in place with a host of "A-list acts", reportedly including Bono and U2, Coldplay, The Darkness and Franz Ferdinand.
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