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Just thought yall would be interested in my brief review of HTDAAB on Amazon. I'm more for the passionate side of U2 than their dance or catchy pop tunes. Miracle Drug is literally the best song I've heard from them since WOWY (and I'm a wowy FREAK!) hehe

comments please, just try not to hate me too much :-P

First off I may be a little bias when it comes to U2. I've been a huge fan for nearing a decade now and while it might take a few listens for it to sink in I always end up loving every single thing they do.

With that said here comes my concise review of HTDAAB: Brilliant! First off lets cut to the chase and say that "Miracle Drug" is probably their best song since "With or Without You". It's got the passion, the lyrics, and the ... intensity that just makes you want to listen to it over and over again. Another of the greats on this album is "Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own". A truly moving, inspiring song, that strikes a cord with the heart and the hope in all of us. Other great songs on the album is "City of Blinding Lights" and "Yahweh" both of which sound very much like they came from the Achtung Baby era. In CBL the chorus is really superb although the other lyrics kinda drag and don't flow is well, it's when you hit that chorus that you forget everything. Yahweh is another inspiring song that reminds a lot of "Kite" or "Wild Honey" in its format. "Vertigo" which became the first single is a catchy rock tune that’s good to listen to with the windows down while you're flooring it down the highway. Unfortunately I can't seem to get into Love and Peace or Else, All Because of You, Crumbs From Your Table, or One Step Closer. All 4 seem almost like ATYCLB b-sides. Going from Miracle Drug and Vertigo to those just seems like such a jump. On the other hand the album picks back up really well with the passionate "Original of the Species".

If you're new to U2 then you'll really enjoy this album. It's a mix of Achtung Baby, Pop, and All That You Can't Leave Behind. If you've been a fan since their mullet days, however, you might be disappointed in some of the new stuff.

Either way it's U2 so we know it's a brilliant, passionate piece of work.


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