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Question about iPod....

After waiting for almost a month, I finally started the download for The Complete U2. Yay me, right? Uh, no, wrong.

After sitting with it for three hours and it not looking "right" in the download process it said something about the connection timing out and that I needed to check my purchased music to finish. (It had only downloaded four or five songs at this point)

Okay, so I did that. It downloaded about four more and then it started acting up again. So I canceled the download and tried checking for purchase music again.

Now it acts like it wants to download but, and it starts to but then it stops and goes to Accessing Music store. If I let it sit, it starts to not download properly again. At one point, I got an error message about something having to do with 250 songs at one time (huh?).

My question is this: Did anyone else have problems trying to download it? And, if so, what kind? I don't find Apple or the iTunes site to be very helpful in the support section and proceeded to write them a nasty gram about the lack of help I found.

And, I am a Windows user with a DSL connection.I'm not sure what the problem would be but I'm not a happy camper right now.

Any Advice, Suggestions, etc?

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