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The concert and the code

Okay I admit it, I didn't feel like spending $40 to join to just get the code. I should justify myself so that no one will think Im just singey. First I quit my job to get the vacation pay in order to go see the boys (I had to spend $300 for my ticket). I also sang with or without you in bikini briefs out front of 99X radio station in Augusta with two other people to get tickets to go see them back for POP. Im dedicated, trust me. But after seeing them four times I have to admit I'll be just as happy going and sitting in the stands as I would be standing two feet from Bono; then again I might grab hold of him and never let him go lol. Im going to go the usual ticket master route. Ive been saving a credit cardI have with a $1,000 limit just in case I have to buy the ticket elsewhere but either way Im going.

Anybody else feel the same?
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