musicallotus (musicallotus) wrote in u2,

Golden Circle seats

Okay, as one thread has already been started on the merits of 'General Admission', I'm now asking for input on whether or not 'Golden Circle' seats are worth it. Even remotely... I don't think I'm able to stomach standing out there in line for hours on end (I've done it before for other stuff, but only for a couple of hours, max). On the other hand, the thought of shelling out $165 (maybe even more for Canada, I'm assuming!) makes me a bit queasy...

And then, if I go GA after all, I wonder what in the heck was the point of paying $40 US for the pre-sale anyway.

Keep in mind that a) I've never been to a U2 concert, and b) I may not be able to get anyone to come along with me. :-(

Thoughts, anyone?
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