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Introductions and all that stuff...

Hi everyone

I've been commenting for a little bit now so I thought it was time that I properly introduced myself.

I've been a casual/general U2 fan pretty much my whole life, as they were one of the bands my father listened to when I was little so I listened to them too. Hell-my first concert was Supertramp ;)

This Christmas I got "Rattle and Hum" on DVD and ever since I watched it, I've changed from casual to intense/obsessed fan. Might have been just seeing the band from the different perspective and getting to see the energy they have when they're playing live.

Anyways, this will be my first U2 concert. I tried to go the last time they were here but I had an exam and even though I tried, my high school does not let you change the exam time.

I have a question for you all though! I heard in an interview that the cheapest seats are the floor seats-is this true? I'd love if it were because I really want to be on the floor!

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