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Concert tickets - of course!

Dear beautiful fellow U2 fanatics,

I could really use your advice about getting tickets for the tour! Not only will this be the first U2 concert I'll have the pleasure of being at, but it will also be the first time I've bought tickets to see a major worldwide act. I'm so worried I'll miss out... I think I'll die if I can't go see them.

Are the tickets going on sale as soon as the tour dates are announced, and will tickets for the Australian leg of the tour be on sale at the same time as the North America/Europe leg? What's the best way of getting tickets (I'm going GA, if that helps)? Is there any advantage to be had in queing outside the ticket seller in the small hours, or should I just go through the internet/phone? If I should queue up, how early should I get there? And if they sell out, are there any other ways of getting tickets?

I realise these are probably really stupid questions, but I absolutely cannot countenance the prospect of not seeing them... of maybe never seeing them! Any other comments or advice would be very welcome, too. Help!
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