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Some Questions about seating arrangements..

Hiya.. I'm new. Name's Nicole.. ;) Been a U2 fan since I was little (7) which was a long time ago. I'm 28. Anyway.. I have a question and I was wondering if anyone could help me? I heard the term mentioned in another post about ears and nose bleed seats. I'm guessing this means right next to the speakers and close to the stage? I've only been to concerts where I had GA standing, but this time I would like to get seats. In all the time I've been a fan I've never attended a U2 concert or any other seating.. So.. I was wondering how if when one gets seating if the stage can still be seen clearly from the back of the GA section. I know a lot of people in seats stand for concerts as well. I don't really have much of a height issue being 5'7" but I'm still concerned. If I'm going to be paying $160. or more I'd like to know what I'm getting into if possible..

Also.. from the other concerts I attended GA. There was some room to move about to run to the restroom, buy concessions.. ect and still work your way through the crowd and back to your original place.. Is it the same for a u2 concert? or do people just squish in and you're better not to move through out if at all.. From my vid collection.. doesn't look like too much room! :/

And also.. one last question.. I know for GA you have to stand in long, long, long lines.. is it the same for seating tickets.. or is there a separate line that lets you in faster?

Thanks for your time and responses in advance. :) I'm looking forward to being a part of this lovely community. x
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