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Received an envelope from today - it contained a letter printed on a small glossy picture of the band, and said:

Dear Member:
Thanks for joining - please find enclosed your unique membership keyring.
2005 is going to be a big year for the world's greatest rock band and Members will be at the heart of the action!
Look forward to seeing you on the road!
Best wishes,
//The team


I suppose I was under the impression that my membership card was going to be just that - an actual card that I could carry around in my billfold. But it's this sturdy metal black-red-and-silver keyring card. Anybody else received theirs?

Also, I'm in Phoenix and plan to attend the April 14th Glendale Arena show with my best friend Patrick. Any other Phoenicians on this list, or at least anyone else going to the Glendale show? Might be kinda cool to do like a meetup or something! :)

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