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not to rain on anyone's parade...

Sooo, the U2 pre-sale tickets for members are going to go on sale
tomorrow. First of all, I haven't signed up yet because it's $40 but it should
really be $20 because I am a Propaganda member but I have been too busy with
other stuff in my life to follow up when I didnt get my "propaganda letter" with
my discount code or something like that. And THEN, tickets are going on sale at
the very WORST POSSIBLE time for me, I am in a financial bind that I had to
borrow money to get out of so needless to say, no extra money for $40
memberships and no $49.50 + service fees for San Diego tickets. Bummer. So today
I will listen to no U2 music to observe this situation. I really am mildy
bummed. Oh well it happens this way with me, some tours the timing is perfect
and I am able to see lots of shows or some (like Zoo TV) I am lucky if I get to
see one show on the tour. It looks like it is going to be this way on this tour.

Regardless, I think I will go to San Diego on the 28th and wait until
the end of the show where I hear scalpers will sometimes then let the ticket go
for like $20 rather than not get anything for them at all. I dunno. Anyway,
hopefully things will be better for the 2nd leg. Still not the same thing as
getting to see them on Opening Night in San Diego!!!

p.s. I know I only have myself to blame but I just wanted to vent my bummedness!

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