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Don't feel bad about posting sad!!!!!

I'd just like to say that posting about being bummed out that U2 is not playing your area yet is ok. It is a legit whine IMO. I'd be incredibly bummed out too. I feel for you, as I am sure many others do. Hell I always have to travel over 900 or so miles to see them anyway, since I live in Monfreakintana, but I would still be really really bummed out.

I think it sucks to see people whining (right here in our community) about people who post bummed out posts about this. ESPECIALLY when U2 are playing about 4 shows in their general area right from the beginning of the flipping tour! IMO they are hypocrites because if they were faced with that disappointment I am positive they would be posting bummed out posts too!

Feel free to post disappointing posts about not having gotten the tickets you wished you could have gotten either (when all that shit goes down)... from experience I know there will be some elated people and some very very disappointed people.

Just remember we are one for fucks sake, and we all love the greatest band in the world. This is a U2 community and we come here to talk and hopefully get a little support when we are down about shit like this.

<3 <3 <3 <3

(I am running on about 3 hours of sleep so if i sound like i ride the short bus and lick the windows i am sorry!)
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