.k.a.t.i.e. (redsoxnut545) wrote in u2,

it just keeps getting worse

So as I sit here and read about the the horrid-ness that is involved with purchasing tickets today, I come to realise it will be very hard for me to get tickets this weekend for the Boston show's. But Im a trooper and will beat my computer and phone until it works.

The only thing positive I had right now was my Keane concert on the 5th at the Orpheum. Rite? No. The show has been pushed week back. No big deal? Wrong. My brothers talent show is that weekend and no he needs to skip a show. I hate for him to do it since he loves music.

The irony in all of this? Music is something we love and live through (in a way). It helps us in times when we need it, and helps us in times even when we dont.

I dont think I'm making all too much sense, but the bottom line: today is not one of those days where music is doing what it is supposed to do

Good luck to everyone getting boston tickets this weekend

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