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My heart is breaking.....

Here is my response to the letter and a note to MTV news. ....

Well said! I've seen U2 live 4 times and each time it's been the greatest
moment of my life but I don't think I'll get to see them this time. They've sold
out it appears, to Apple, and to the money. I've sold my car, quit my job, and
gone far into debt in order to see, hear, and feel the music of U2 because I
thought they were an honest, true as can be, group of guys. I feel like they've
forgotten about the fans and what it feels like TO BE A FAN. It breaks my heart.
On top of this hardly any shows in America, and none in the south, hurts even
more. Im a student. I can't afford to fly to D.C. or California or other "blue
states" to see the shows.

I want to remain a fan but sometimes a band has to think like a fan.
is a rip off. Having to pay an extra $40 just to get priority ticketing reeks of
selling out. I've been treated better by Ticketmaster. I don't know how much
more I can take but for now the posters will stay on the wall, the records
framed, and I'll continue to listen to the music and hope.

and here's the note to MTV News:

Just a suggestion but you might check out the growing pissed off legions of U2 fans, tired of being ripped off. It's growing and growing and maybe if MTV looked into it the band might see it from the fans perspectives. Here's a URL to check out:

Also look at and even the message boards at

What happens when fans of the biggest band in the world get shafted, check it out.

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