the broken radio was playing suicide (volare) wrote in u2,
the broken radio was playing suicide

Combatting the negativity

1 - Public sale is still coming. Lots of tix left!

2 - Put on Rattle&Hum and watch the Sun Devil Stadium scene... *GOOSEBUMPS*

no matter how crappy the tix we get are - we're still GONNA BE THEEEERRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

It's killing me to see so many people upset. I've been a fan for 21 years and never managed to be in the right place/right time/have enough $ to get to a show in all those years. So now in my 30s this is going to be my first one ever. Maybe for the jaded folks who're used to seeing the band 2 or 3 times every tour since JT or ZooTV or POPMart this is "just one more round of frustration"... not for me, and not for every kid out there who's just become a fan, you know? Yeah I got waay-far-back seats. Yeah Ticketmaster sucks. No argument there.
BUT - We're GOING TO THE SHOW! And the "official sale" hasn't even happened yet! We haven't lost anything. Not yet.

We're going to be there!
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