medea culpa (lovedstrangely) wrote in u2,
medea culpa

A general plea!

ok guys, I know this didn't turn out the way alot of us would have liked, I know we're frustrated, we're upset. But yeah, we ARE seeing our band! I know some of us got tix today, and might try to get better ones in general sale, I myself was lucky to get 2 tix, not on the floor but sec 238 of the continental airlines arena in nj. I'm glad I did.


If any of you DO manage to get better tix, and feel like selling the ones you've already got,please, even with your frustration, sell to a fan that wasn't fortunate enough, one who didn't manage to get a membership or who went through the hassle to end up with nothing today. I think we owe it to each other, as loyal fans, to not become like the hated scalpers.

If I do end up getting better tix, and selling the ones I already have here in this comm, I would def sell them for exactly what I paid for them. It's only fair and it's only right, U2 fans deserve to see a show more than a scalper 'deserves' that 3-600 bucks.

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