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So, amongst all the rage at Fanfire and stuff, something no one's really mentioned so far...

Anyone notice how crappy the ticket prices were divided up in the arenas? Like...there's basically three levels, $50, $90, and $160. On Elevation, if I remember right, the $130 were basically the lower bowl in the front half of the arena, and the back half of the arena, even the lower bowl, was like $85. The upper bowl in the back was mostly $45.

Just scanning some of the sales today, seats that were mid-priced in 2001 are now $160, including ones in the opposite end of the venue and certain sections of the upper bowl. (i.e. decent seats, but not $160 seats, IMO). It seems as if the top prices which used to make up only a small percentage of the total tickets are now a fairly large chunk of the arena, and they've moved the lower price ranges much farther back away from the stage.

It really blows, I was hoping to get a mid-level ticket for one of the California shows if I couldn't get GA, but $100 (including the TM fees) is an awful lot to pay to be in a nosebleed, even for U2.

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