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Bored Now!

I might just leave the community for a while it's all getting a bit boring ..

Yes there has been ticket problems .. this is exatly the same as what happened on the last tour! and with festivals like Glastonbury in the UK etc

Live with it no-one has a god given right to get a ticket for any show .. (unless your Mrs Hewson!)

Moaning to magazines, U2 management, agents won't work ... all that agents care about is selling the tickets to maximise their profits ... not who gets them .... yes this is an advance sale and more will be available but then the ticket agencies will be on melt down again anyway ....

Yes I want to see U2 again this summer in the UK .. am I prepared to pay £50+ a ticket forget it ... this weekend I'm away in Wales for a 2 day convention of fine anthemic melodic music from one of U2's oldest touring friends when they duel headlined shows in the USA in 1983 and it's costing me £33 for 2 nights music up close and personal ...
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