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U2 LiveJournal

Hello Hello!!

February 15th, 2002

thanks to all that responded... @ 04:18 pm

i asked the question, and now im answering it..... its awesome to see the similarities, and the different songs that came out of left field....PLUS its interesting to see how much U2's music has touched our lives.

.i asked the same question in the depeche mode community and only recieved a few responses... so either were way fanatic or we just have too much time on our hands...

PRIDE: -- this is THE song....beautiful message, full of energy...can u imagine writing something like that at the age of 24 or so......im 24 now, i couldnt even write anything like pride in my life...

SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY--- the song that started it all...i was a wee lad when i first heard this song..i still love it...

STAY: its funny cause a few days ago i misdownladed the regular version instead of the acoustic, and it was just awesome to hear it again...the words and melody are great...

ULTRAVIOLET--this is new to my top 5...about a year ago, i started listening to it, and realized that i missinterpreted one word, after hearing the correct word, i was astounded at how different i saw it...

WHERE THE STREETS.....the best song live at popmart 97, and always great to hear again and again....and when i go there, i go there with you...

in second place: do you feel loved, one, elevation, when i look at the world...two shots of happy....bad, when i look at the world..
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U2 LiveJournal

Hello Hello!!