~tiny (la_vation) wrote in u2,

I certainly don't look at the ticket issue as a reason to dis the band.  Even though it was impossible to even get to the page to order and even though my code was invalidated, judging by the fact that most of us were unlucky it wouldn't have made any difference.  Besides that, I never expect to have GA, of course if the opportunity presents itself I won't complain!!  So when the presale began, I asked for any pair whatsoever, and left it at that.  That was from experience because we all know how Elevation presales were handled.  So yeah my disappointment over no availability of Staples Center tixs was minimal, and the upward potential of Ju-bi-la-tion when simu2fan told me about Anaheim tixs that we scored was much more worthwhile.  The most fulfilling experience for me was watching friends of mine just getting inside, just getting GA, just getting on the floor, there were scores of opportunities once all the tickets were onsale and events like people getting GA and then having to try and sell whatever seats they already had.
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