deeper than love (glitterystar) wrote in u2,
deeper than love

Fleetcenter, Boston, MA
Thursday May 26, 2005 7:30 pm

Seat location: section GAFLR

holy f-ing shit!

scarily enough the first time i tried it was "sold out" of GAs, and i refused to accept that and tried again immediately, and after "searching" and making bizarre clicky noises at me for what seemed like FOR-FRICKEN-EVER it pulled those up.

i didnt even know they added a Saturday date, that's cool though.

and there's still chances guys, my brother got GAs for the providence show on larry'd b-day back on the elevation tour day of show, and that was "sold out" too. there always seems to be a few lucky ones that hold out in the ticket line day of and walk away with tickets.
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