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U2 LiveJournal

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U2 Fan Community
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U2 are quite simply the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world. If you agree, come and join u2 - the original and best U2 fan community on LiveJournal!  (All new membership requests are moderated as of January 2011 due to an influx of spammers, but new members are extremely welcome!)

Problems or questions?
Send canadanne a PM!

Please read carefully before joining the community!
1. Treat other members respectfully. Any rude, aggressive or trollish behaviour will likely get you banned.

2. Anonymous posts and comments are not allowed, so if you don't have a LiveJournal and want to join in, please sign up for your own free account. You'll be glad you did!

3. This community is intended to be suitable for fans of all ages, so please try to keep discussions clean. Anything deemed vulgar or inappropriate will be deleted and you may have your posting rights taken away.

4. If you post a large image that is likely to stretch the community page and people's friends pages, please hide it behind a descriptive LJ cut tag. Same goes if you're posting several images at once.

5. Some fans like to avoid spoilers, which might include discussion of new songs before an album is released, concert setlists during a current tour, or reactions to TV appearances that have not yet aired in other time zones. Please use a clearly labelled cut tag when posting anything that may be considered a spoiler.

6. Paparazzi photographs that seriously invade the band members' privacy (e.g. nude shots or photos taken at private occasions such as family funerals) are not welcome here and will be deleted.

7. Please remember this is a U2 community. Extremely off-topic posts may be deleted, so if you have a good reason for making one, it's recommended that you ask for permission first.

8. NO SPAM. Anyone posting spammy links or pictures will be banned immediately.

9. NO SCALPERS. You are welcome to trade or sell tickets at face value in the community, but anyone caught auctioning or selling tickets at inflated prices will be banned immediately.

10. If you see any spam or inappropriate posts, have any problems with other members, or have a question about posting in the community, please PM the moderator. I am likely to see it more quickly than an email, and I'd rather you didn't comment in my journal with community issues unless you're having trouble contacting me.

11. Have fun and don't be shy! There is not as much activity on LiveJournal as there used to be, so anything that may help to liven up the community is most welcome.

Thank you for reading and following the rules!

Items that may be of interest to community members...
Community mascot: Bono the baby hippo!Song Of The Day
This popular feature encourages discussion of U2 songs selected at random - please feel free to join in, the more the merrier! We are currently seeking volunteers if you'd like to join the song posting team. (A brief history of SOTD can be found here.)
You can read previous discussions in the archive, or even browse by album / single / other if you prefer.

U2 Photos
If sharing pics of our favourite band is something you enjoy, be sure to check out our sister community u2photos. If you're interested in U2-related userpics, try u2icons!

Members Montage
Add your photo to the U2 LJ quilt!

Click to enlarge!

Chat Room
Click here for the U2 LJ chat room!

U2 LJ community created by unorthodox_muse in January 2001.
Now owned and maintained by canadanne.

If you dream then dream out loud!

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